Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner at Darbar

This is Zeke showing off his very full tummy after we got home from dinner at Darbar tonight. My tummy was full too, but since I'm the keeper of the blog and he is the subject I made the executive decision to keep photos of my tummy off. 

Man that kid can eat. And he loves "curry rice" as he calls Indian food. Ate a giant plate of chicken tikka masala, along with some naan and a potato appetizer of some sort. 

We went out with the Fujiis to celebrate Shanti's last night in town. Tomorrow morning he leaves for Thousand Oaks, and though he'll be back on weekends, it still feels like a big thing. I'm not sure how Zeke is going to react to Daddy not being here every day. We've talked to him about it more than once, but I don't think he's getting what's gonna happen. He hasn't shown the level of alarm that would indicate he actually understands. We'll see...he might be fine. I'm just anxious to get through the next four weeks so we can get down there and be together as a family again. 


  1. I'm sure Zeke will be missing his daddy, but he'll be seeing him again before too long. Besides, kids have a knack for forgetting any sad stuff the minute something more exciting comes along. They're so resillient! Good luck with all of the moving preparations... you guys must be pretty busy!


  2. Duffy has those exact same pj's!!! I hope we get to see you guys before you move!!! :O(

    Yvonne, Duffy & Hauk :O)

  3. Hey Yvonne! We hope to see you too. Maybe next weekend? Zeke and I will be around, but Shanti won't be in town, so we'll be lookin' for fun.

    I love those jammies too. Zeke always looks for the pugs and says "There's Mr. Badger!"