Monday, August 3, 2009

The End of the Bowl Cut Initiative

(After shot on top; Before on bottom)

Goodbye almost-bowl cut! It was nice having you around. You were cute most of the time. Oh, sometimes you made Zeke look like some kind of street urchin that may or may not have a home, but that was the exception. As a rule, you were an attractive, throwback kind of haircut, and I liked the statement you were making: (“Zeke's mom can put down the clippers if she wants to. She normally chooses to cut his hair every 4-6 weeks, but she doesn't have to. She isn't compelled to. She simply chooses to. And right now she is choosing not to. And it's not driving her crazy at all. She loves disorder. She's totally cool with her kid looking kind of rumpled from time to time. It's not like she's obsessive about his hair...”)

And really, I thought we were going to make it from almost-bowl to full-fledged bowl. I mean I hadn't cut you since March, and it is now August. I figured by the end of the month we'd be there. September at the latest. And I was looking forward to it. But then last week Zeke told me that his hair was bothering him.

“It's touching the back of my neck Mommy. Can you please cut it?”

“Cut it? We don't need to cut it—it looks fine,” I replied with all the conviction of a dieter turning down a cookie.

Ten minutes later I had the scissors out and gave him a quick trim. Five days after that I dug out my clippers and, well--you can see where that went. The almost-bowl was history. 

Guess I'll have to try again next summer. 


  1. Bye-bye bowl cut! I was really thinking you might get there based on the most recent pic on Shanti's blog... those long locks were so cute. Good thing he looks cute with the shorter version, too!

  2. Ali put down the clippers. Zeke was meant to have long hair. What a babe! - Anna

  3. Thanks Peto! I think you just like him because he looks like a junior homeless guy. I'll try to hold out longer next time... :o)