Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two blogs?!

OK, you don't have to tell me that two blogs for one kid might be viewed as excessive. I read the articles about the "helicopter" parents too. I know we're a generation obsessed with our progeny. Your point is well taken and totally legit. And yet...I simply must blog about Zeke the Magical Toddler. I can't help myself. I've been dying to since the day he was born. But then Shanti started a blog and I didn't want to horn in on it, and then time went by, and now it's three years later, and I just can't wait anymore. The nutty, goofy, clever things our small boy says and does simply must be reported. They're only gonna happen once, right? 

So if you're into reading about Zeke, feel free to stop by from time to time and see what he's up to. And don't worry about blog overlap, because this forum will be entirely different from the page Shanti maintains. Go to his site for near-professional-quality photography and philosophical musings. Come here to find out why Zeke called Shanti his "farty daddy" last week (ok, you probably don't need an explanation to figure that one out), which little girl he's got his eye on at the moment, and whether he had Corn Flakes or peanut butter toast for breakfast. Here, it's all about the minutiae, and I promise to be shameless in reporting it.

Hope you dig!



  1. Yea, I love details (nosy and have no life?) Sooooooooooo........what did that cutie-pie have for breakfast?
    Can't wait to see y'all at Xmas. Good times. Kris

  2. It's good to get the other half of the story. I'll enjoy reading both versions of the Zeker!


  3. Hahahaha, I'm glad you're starting your own blog. Your boy is quite insipirational and you clearly have a gift for writing. I was laughing out loud about the pumpkin vandalism.