Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Worst Pumpkin Carvers Ever

The neighbors haven't said it, but I know what they're thinking... 

"What is wrong with those Amagasus? They seem coherent. Yet they also seem incapable of executing even the simplest pumpkin carving project. Is there something wrong with them? A knife and a spoon--that's all it takes Folks! Why can you not figure this out? And don't you know you're hurting property values by leaving wounded produce on your doorstep?"

We do know neighbors, and we apologize. But the truth is that we're not the creative force behind this year's Halloween display. No, this year it is our good friends the grey squirrels. We blamed it on the rats at first (I know, I'm painting a tantalizing picture of our neighborhood), but then Shanti conducted a stakeout and discovered that the squirrels were the guilty party. 

Who knew they had such affection for pumpkin? It started with just a tiny hole, but now word has gotten out in the neighborhood that the all-you-can-eat buffet is open at our house, and we're seeing a steady stream of hungry, squirrelly visitors. Like tourists in Vegas. 

Every morning when we walk out the door on our way to the car, Zeke stops, points at the pumpkins and in a serious voice proclaims, "Those are very naughty squirrels." He seems to like it when someone else does something naughty. He'll bring up the incident repeatedly and discuss the magnitude of the mistake the person (or squirrel) in question has made. I don't think he does it so much because he's disgusted by the incident as because he admires anyone who has the chutzpah to brazenly break the rules (and eating the Halloween display is definitely against the rules). 

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