Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

And all the families from Hua and Yang Duo's daycare descended upon the Sunny Buffet for a pre-holiday feast. In the picture above, Zeke is with brothers Yusuf and Joshua. Yusuf is Zeke's age and is one of his closest pals at school. Joshua is Yusuf's older brother, and as such, is worshipped by the two younger ones. There are six kids in the daycare total, and Hua invited all of their parents (and some of their grandparents and siblings) to come to dinner, so it was quite a gathering. And you should have seen this buffet--it was more or less Chinese food, but there were also oysters, octopi, squid, sushi, crayfish, frog legs, cheesesteak sandwiches, garlic bread--you name it. I stuck to the pepper chicken and fried rice. Shanti was a little braver, but not much, and Zeke had shrimp, pork buns, and garlic bread.

After we all ate, the kids stood up on their chairs and put on a brief performance, singing Home Home on the Range, I've Been Workin' On the Railroad, and a Chinese song about a cat. Very impressive work considering these little dudes are three years old, and one of them spoke almost no English four months ago. They literally knew each and every word. I have no idea how Hua does it. She is magical and I will be very sad if we ever have to leave her school.

Anyway, it was a fun evening, and a great way to start the long weekend. Tomorrow we're having dinner at the Sutherland's, and Friday we're going to Graeme Martin's place for a post-Thanksgiving get-together. In between we'll be putting up our Christmas lights and picking up a tree. Looking forward to all of it.

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