Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What did you have for lunch today?

If your name is Shanti, the answer is: "arm-sized burrito."

Actually he didn't eat it today. He ate it Saturday. The picture is from this weekend, and let me tell ya, it doesn't do the burrito justice. It was enormous. Possibly the biggest burrito I've ever seen. And Shanti ate every last bite of it. I had some tacos. Zeke had a tamale. See? I promised minutiae, and minutiae you shall have.

It was another magical, gorgeous weekend from out of nowhere, so we did all we could to spend every minute outside. Funny, two or three times now it's seemed like winter was here and settling in for good, but then at the last minute it has chickened out and allowed sunshine and happiness to sneak back in for a day or two. We're talking 80 degrees Saturday and Sunday. So nice. Like a surprise tax return. Or finding an extra Christmas present when you thought you had already opened them all. So good. So pure. So thoroughly appreciated.

Here's hoping you scored a winter reprieve as well.

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