Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey Santa!

"Santa!" Zeke chirped enthusiastically from the back seat as we passed Safeway on the way home tonight.

I looked over to see what variety of Santa we were dealing with.

Inflatable. Tied to the fence in front of the Safeway christmas tree display. Not even really Santa-shaped. The lowest form of Santa impersonation.

"That's not the real Santa Zeke. That's just a pretend Santa reminding us that Christmas is coming soon."

"Where is the real Santa?"

"He's in a very cold place, very far away."


"No, he's from a place called the North Pole."

"The North Pole is in Tahoe?"

"No. It's even colder and further away than that."

"Tahoe is very cold. And very far away. I think Santa would like it there."

Who was I to argue? "Yes, I bet he would."

"When Santa comes I will give him cookies and carrots and I will wash his reindeer and I will take him to Tahoe."


So there you have it. Santa is in for a treat when he stops by the Amagasu residence this year: Clean reindeer and a trip to the Sierras courtesy of Zeke the Animal Groomer and Travel Agent. Hope St. Nick has time for a detour…


  1. Loved catching up. The restaurant story had me laughing loudly in an empty house. It reminded me of the time Taylor peed in the middle of the library carpet....a big soaking pee. Nobody saw us so we just left. Isn't that horrible? She also peed (behind my back) into a training potty at a thrift store (we left then too) and at a birthday party in the kid's new wooden train. Just straddled that thing and let it go...couldn't just walk away that time since about 50 people saw it....had to act like we cared that time and clean it up. See you soon!

  2. Ali-
    I just love Zeke's imagination!

    Since he will behere this Christmas, we will bake cookies for Santa dn leave them out with some milk or cocoa. And, I can also have some carrots. As for the reindeer washing, you'll have to handle that one!

    Can't wait to see you all!
    Love, Mom