Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toddler Astronomy

Zeke and I were having breakfast a couple days ago, when he looked out the window and saw that the sun was coming up.

"Look, it's the sun!"

"Yes," I replied, "I like the sun. It keeps us nice and warm."

"The sun is hot," he corrected. "It is a ball of fire, and if you touch it, it will burn you and turn you to ash," (delivered with a very serious face that conveyed all kinds of concern for the things that would happen to Mommy if she kept up this frivolous relationship with the sun). 

"OK. I won't touch it."


Just another day with the Safety Toddler. Don't Forget your Seatbelt and Don't Touch the Sun. I'm betting that this latest edict is the result of Hua's recent efforts to teach the kids about the solar system. I'm sure she taught them more than the whole "sun equals fireball-of-death" concept, but my guess is that he wasn't listening, and that's the only part that caught his attention. 

That's OK. I'm pleased that he remembers any of it, and touched that he cares enough to pass his newfound knowledge along to his family. I was thinking about touching the sun today (because it was 48 degrees at lunchtime), but now that I know it's so dangerous I think I'll hold off and just grab a blanket instead. :o)


  1. What a happy, handsome boy Zeke is!! He looks as though he swallowed the sun and is sharing it with us through his bright smile!!! (Grandma loves you, Zeke).

    Love, Mom

  2. Thanks Mama. He is a happy boy and he can't wait to see Grandma next week!