Friday, January 9, 2009

Bitey Bitey Thark

This picture is from last weekend at the Monterey Aquarium. Our amazing neighbors, the Fujiis, hooked us up with tickets for Christmas, so we decided to pounce on the first free day we had and scoot on down the coast for a visit with the sea creatures. 

The last time we went was a year ago, and although Zeke enjoyed parts of it, he was very scared of other parts, and overall probably would rather have avoided the entire experience. This time though, he was into the whole thing. Loved the fish, loved the otters, loved the Splash Zone where they let little kids play with plastic starfish and sea anemones. And we loved being there with him. I've never done the official guided museum tour where they outfit you with headphones and tell you what's going on in the tanks, but I can't imagine that it's half as entertaining as the toddler-guided tour. There are announcements, ("Look Mommy, that otter is licking his own butt!"-- shouted at a volume that ensured pretty much everyone in the aquarium knew about the butt-licking), there are warnings ("Tharks are very, very dangerous. They like to bite."), and there are tuna-alerts ("Tooo-naaaaah!" --every single time we saw a tuna). 

I was thinking we should actually record him and sell it to the aquarium so they could provide a fun, kid-specific option to the regular audio tour. Of course that would assume that the kids listening to the Zeke audio were in front of the right tanks at the right times, and that seems unlikely (maybe even impossible, since there was a lot of darting around). I'm guessing the most realistic outcome would be a bunch of kids shouting "Tooo-naaaaah! the whole way home in the car and a bunch of parents wondering who the heck was responsible for that stupid recording and how they might find those people and wring their necks.

So for now at least, Zeke's voiceover career remains on hold.

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