Monday, January 5, 2009

The Truth Hurts


I know that even under the best circumstances my eating habits are less-than-perfect. And I am painfully aware that my pants are a little tighter in the wake of the month-long stuff-your-face bonanza that was the holidays. Still, a new diet was not at the top of my priority list for the new year. (That's not to say it wasn't on the list at's always on the just didn't have a big red star next to it.)  

Then yesterday, as Zeke was heading to bed, he gave me a big hug, then stopped, giggled, and exclaimed "Wow Mommy. Your tummy is sooooo big!"

Brutal. And no, I'm not pregnant for those of you who are wondering.

Consider the list revised. Stars, highlighting, and exclamation points now accompany the weight loss resolution. 

Thanks Zeke! 

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