Monday, January 12, 2009

Yo Quiero Pan

This is Zeke at the Monterey restaurant we ate at last weekend. He has already polished off the giant roll I allowed him to eat while waiting for his meal to arrive. And now, although he has a perfectly delicious array of chicken and vegetables right in front of him, and has been told by mommy and daddy that he can't have any more bread, he's taking one last shot with our server. No words--just a valiant attempt to communicate through telepathy and facial expressions...

"Come on man. Hook me up with one more of those rolls. Please. My parents don't have to know. Just put it on the window sill behind my seat. I'll grab it when they're not looking. You can have some of my chicken if you want..."

And to Zeke's credit, the server got the message loud and clear. 

"Would the leetle boy like some more bread? I can bring some. Ees no problem."

No sir. Thank you for the excellent service though. Most wait staff are not perceptive enough to pick up on Zeke's extra-sensory bread-acquisition efforts (lucky for us). 

Really nice guy though. We left him a big tip.

Note: Photo credits for this post and the last two go to Shanti. And just in case I forget in the future, it's safe to assume that any time you see a high-quality photo on this site, it came from my husband--not from me. And I swear, this is my last post about the aquarium visit. Really. The very last one.


  1. I don't ever get that sort of response from waitstaff... Zeke's a lucky guy with some special bread-acquisition skills!

  2. Yeah, I don't get that kind of response either. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not half as cute or half as committed to free bread as Zeke is. If only I had those long luscious eyelashes...and was willing to stare straight into the eyes of every strange man carting a basket of carbohydrates...