Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

To hat or not to hat? That is the question young Zeke was faced with on New Year's Eve at the Wagerman's party.

Ultimately he chose hat, and seemed pleased with it. Much more pleasing however was that he got to: 1) Stay up until midnight, 2) Play with the "big boys" all evening, 3) Have hot dogs and ice cream for dinner. 

We thought he'd be completely wiped out and super cranky the next day (we stayed overnight at the Wagermans to avoid a late-night drive home), but surprisingly he was fine. Got up early and quietly lurked in Lori's kitchen until someone gave him Corn Flakes and a banana.  

I don't think he made any resolutions, but he did decide to get a jump on next year's holidays by announcing Halloween costume assignments for 2009. Apparently he is going to be a white dinosaur, I am going to be a cat-dog (lucky me...not sure where I'll be picking up that costume), and daddy is going to be a zebra. 

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